Craft and Design as a Career

It’s been a while between posts but you all know how things go.
Days roll into Weeks and then it’s 6 months later and it ends up on a “to do list” and then it’s a chore. Anyway, enough about that. We are back, spring has sprung and we enthused with plenty of tales to tell.

Yesterday I attended Craft Cubed 2015 – Craft and Design as a Career talks, presented by Craft Victoria.

The first speaker up was self taught Jeweller, Seb Brown. He spoke beautifully about his work, the importance of drawing, considering the environmental aspects and his overall multi disciplinary approach to art.

Seb reminded me of the importance of having confidence in my work which is so easy to lose. There are so many makers and great designers out there, but we all have something to offer. Take the risk and be nice were his parting words.

Perfect. Clear and Honest.

Next up was Pauline Tran of Pop Craft Studio who delivered powerful and encouraging words on taking chance and letting go of fear.

Pauline’s studio, on Merri Creek, Northcote, runs classes in different textiles techniques as well as a monthly Friday Night feast aiming to bring like minded people together to enjoy amazing food in her studio. I love this idea of meeting new people within a creative space and breaking bread.


We then heard from Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles of Soft Stories.  They spoke of their collaborations and the beautiful felt characters that they create and then animate. Their journey to getting a great book deal and all that pressures that come with this. They discussed time management and finances and the importance of deciding who you were and what you did.

Carla Hackett and Barbara Enright also touched on collaborations and enlightened us on the skilled art of ticket writing and hand lettering and the joys of being left handed.

Lee Darroch and Vicki Couzens told us about on Banmirra Arts Inc. They make beautiful possum skin cloaks and armbands. They also run workshops teaching these techniques.

Textile Artist Eddy Carrol took us on her nomadic and emotional journey of her work to date. Eddy was another great speaker who stressed the importance of facing your fears in the plight to express yourself creatively. Eddy created great pieces of crossed stitched text messages. One of these read, “When you are dreaming You don’t stop and think. Do you!” I thought this was really simple but beautifully poignant. Too often we tend to over analyse the why and what if.

As Eddy also said, “make work because you want to make it and take the plunge and come out for air.”

Troy Emery was my biggest discovery of the day.
I loved the playful pieces and loved listening to the process of works, the storage of tinsel and pom poms and how things have come together for him over the years in getting gallery representation.

He described his colourful animal works as having an awkward humour which I thought was great. They did indeed bring a smile to my face.

The finale speaker was Pip Lincolne of ‘Meet me at Mikes’.
This Ex-Retailer, Author, Blogger and teacher needs no introduction.
Pip was really frank about the ups and downs of business but stressed the point of being nice and trusting the ride as change is ok!

Overall, the day and its speakers re-iterated the importance of taking ‘that risk’. Every one of them spoke about this as being a big part in their journey to where they are today. As a creative being this can be overwhelming and anxiety driven as there are always other factors to consider. (money, gaaaah. time, production, money)  I think the overarching message I got out of the day was to not lose sight of the dream and what you originally set out to do. Fear is just plain yuck. The world is in too much flux and needs more creative thinkers.

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M.I.A & Versus Versace Power Up!


So, there seems to be a new collaboration every few days. APC X Carhartt, Phillip Lim for Target, Isabel Marant X H&M, Jason for Lancome.

One that is particularly eye catching is the M.I.A X Versus Versace.
To me it’s geometric prints gone right. Some edgy cred for Versace and an opportunity for people to revisit logo mania.

See for yourselves and tell us what you think.

90_BD90091-BT20368_B7008_1690_BU20076-BT20369_B7060_HIM_16-014_1_0 90_BU50035-BT20372_B7041_16jpeg-2













Get it here



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Neneh, Neneh, Neneh!

The good news making the rounds on the interwebs is Neneh Cherry is set to release a new album. Not only that but she’s teamed up with Four Tet to smash out her first solo album in 16 years. Has it really been that long? Anyway, the album was reportedly recorded in a five day period and features London group Rocketnumbernine who are also signed to Four Tet’s Text Imprint label. Add Stockholm native Robyn guesting on the cut and you have a decent idea of the direction this album may be heading.

It all sounds like a pretty grand combo to me. In the meantime have a listen to her most recent collaboration with Africa Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers fame, titled ‘Nina’ which also happens to be produced by Four Tet. You can find it here

or watch the video below and wrap yourself in all that funk goodness.

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Eley Kishimoto x Clarks

Those who know me, know I love shoes, print and the colour yellow. Oh and old people.
I Came across this brilliant collaboration recently between print ace-ness Eley Kishimoto ( Mark Eley and Wakako kishimoto) and British brand Clarks (remember school shoes before Doc Martins and the infamous 90’s Wallaby).

My two favourite requirements in footwear design, print without being over the top and comfort without being too practical.

See for yourself.

20355058_E_p 20355058_F_p 20355061_A_p 20355060_B_p 20354782_D_p 20354783_D_p 20354782_C_p



















































More here…

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A Brilliant Mag meets Jessica Fletcher



















Growing up Jessica Fletcher and all things Angela Lansbury excited me.
To this day, I am unsure whether it was the comfort of watching Murder She Wrote with my Grandmother and marvelling over Jessica’s bicycle adventures to meet Seth in Cabot Cove or that I loved what I regard as “Nanna Chic” and her mystery solving skills.
No murder was too tricky for her to solve.
Nanna chic to this day is what makes me love the likes of Iris Apfel, Joan Collins, and Joan Chamberlain.

Anyway, I digress. Today I found out that Angela Lansbury is on the cover of The Gentlewoman, Autumn/Winter 2012 edition, shot by no other than the wonderful Terry Richardson.
To me, a marriage of a stylish, mystery solving lady and 80’s icon with a brilliant publication and a great eye in big glasses.

See for yourself.

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Louis Vuitton – Origami Invitation


I have to say. I just love it when a big brand does something beautiful and inspiring. It gives me hope that good design and great ideas are still prevalent in (some) huge multinational entities.
Don’t get me wrong. Louis Vuitton has been and the forefront of good, classic design for centuries and their iconic LV monogram is instantly recognised across the globe but I was still pleasantly surprised to see them produce a piece of collateral so beautiful and cleverly designed.

Designed and produced by Happy Centro the opening of Louis Vuitton’s new flagship store in Osaka, this invitation embraces the traditional Japanese art of origami and utilises a time consuming 3 part print and embossing process to maximum effect.



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Roman Coppola and friends….

I’m a tad late on getting this out onto the interweb, but I thought I’d share a highlights clip of one of the guest speakers at this years Semi-Permanent Design Conference in Sydney.

The guest speaker of course was Roman Coppola, the man behind some of the most successful music videos and film classics of the last decade.

Transmitted live via a ‘Google Hangout’ video chat, Roman talked us through his incredible body of work and gave us a peek into the the inner workings of his mind.

Unfortunately there are some parts which drag on due to technical complications, poor planning and the snoozy drone of one of the conference presenters but with special guests like Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola and Jason Schwartzman popping up to chat it is well worth a watch.


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IKEA PS 2012 Collection

Had to share this great little piece of DIY ingenuity that has come out of Ikea’s 2012 PS collection. Essentially this is a flat packed digital camera that uses fairly lo fi tech to produce a simple and fun to use snap camera.

It harks back to the sensibilities of the Lomo with its, never know how it’s going to turn out, randomness.

I haven’t had a chance to get my paws on one yet but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.
In the meantime you can check this snappy clip from the designers at Ikea.

You can view more of the Ikea 2012 PS collection here

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