James Blake may be the future of music…

Okay so that may epitomize a sweeping statement but I’ve been listening to the self titled James Blake album and have to say it blew me away. The sound is a beautifully buttered spread of raw,minimal sampling with gentle nods to dubstep but the real power of his music comes from his ridiculously soulful voice and the simplicity of its sound.
Layered repeatedly  on top of each other he creates a wonderfully syncopated harmony that cuts through the roughness of the beats and bleeps (the bleeps usually being snippets of his own voice). And what a voice! Its like Massive Attack and D’angelo made some sweet love and out popped James Blake.
Unfortunately we cant really be sure just how much of his voice is actually his as its pretty heavily filtered throughout the album. I have to point out that I didn’t really care either way. The point is it sounds damn good and makes me feel warm inside…
Zane Lowe selected Blake’s cover of Fiests “Limit to your Love” as his Hottest Record in the World and he was recently announced as a runner up in BBC’s Sound of 2011 so there is little doubt that there are big things destined for this young chap.
You can make your own mind up. ( Links within the vid to pre-order the album )
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