4D Wall Projections

Around 2006 I came across a video on you tube of a building which was brought to life through 3d projections. I was blown away by the realism of the animation and the fantastical way in which the building took on a completely new dimension. Another world was being created beneath the crumbling exterior of a previously uninspiring building before my very eyes.
Slowly but surely major brands have utilised this technology to launch new stores or products and some, in the case of Cornetto in Turkey, have used it quite brilliantly to create a connection between the brand and the consumer on a deeply personal level by allowing them to interact with the wall projections via their mobile phones.
There are quite a large number of video around that demonstrate this. I’ve selected a few I think utilise this technology to its fullest potential. These particular projections create an overall experience for the viewer while allowing them to interact with their brand on an more emotional level.

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