Annie Leibovitz at the MCA

When I think of Annie Leibovitz, two iconic images spring to mind. Firstly the photograph of Yoko Ono lying clothed and partially hidden by a naked John Lennon, secondly the amazing image of Demi Moore and her heavily pregnant belly. Both very real and ground breaking in style and composition for their times.
Going to the Annie Leibovitz retrospective at the MCA opened my eyes to a whole other personal side of Annie’s work. In particular, the beautiful family snaps and the sad images of her partner Susan Sontag’s frail body on a stretcher being wheeled from hospital. These are followed up with her more recent foray into large scale landscapes as well as military portraits, moving images of Sarajevo in the 90’s and images of past US Presidents.
Overall, if you are hitting the First State in the next month and want to see this blockbuster I would suggest buying tickets online (the line was monstrous).  Not only is she an incredible artist who does not compromise location or cost of production, but a strong woman who carried her first child at the ripe age of 51.
Definitely worth the trip to Syd-Vegas to check it out!
Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005 is currently showing at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and run until the 27th of March
Tickets available through the MCA website
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