Yelle – Safari Disco Club

I heard snippets of this glorious slice of pop gold ages ago but couldn’t quite work out who it was.
You can imagine my joyous surprise when I discovered that it was in fact the impressionable pop princess
of France, Yelle.
How did I discover this important snippet of information I hear you ask?
Well I came across this release of the “full length edit” of the video. It basically just makes you like her a whole lot more and has her being chased by Daft Punk in safari suits. ( okay its probably not really Daft Punk but they look like them… sort of.)
As a bit of a bonus the video merges into another single of hers, Que-Veux-Tu and when I say merges I don’t mean in a creepy, R Kelly/Nelly/Kanye West/mid 2000 R&B sort of way.
Anyway check it out. The song is great and the video if pretty cool too.

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