Eat your Fruit!

Doctors and people who have studied lots say to eat 3 pieces of fruit a day and 4 of vegetables.
Did you know that fruit is easier to digest than grains and the best source of natural sugar needed for energy. Best of all, fruit needs minimal preparation, so munch on it. Although, if your one of those people who has had a personal trainer and has been told your fruit eating hinders your weight loss you may like these Charlotte Olympia shoes instead.  They say steer clear of natures goodness because the fructose not only eats away at your teeth? but when eating fruit it turns into glycerol phosphate.Glycerol phosphate moves into triglycerides via the liver, so to put it plainly, fruit will hinder your results.
I say a big wateves to this. I love fruit and I love these shoes.
If you’re not keen on fruit or my fruity choice in shoes then maybe you’ll like these.
Beggar Man Thief, sellers of rather fine mens shoes, and St Ali, makers of rather splendid coffee, have teamed up to put on a special little pop up store for 4 days only. Its very worthwhile and with no shoes over $100 I would be making a bee line to St Ali’s temporary neighbor and pick up a pear (get it) or two.
Mr Mister got these Clae Strayhorns for a bargain $80!
Fruit Shoes –
Mens Shoes – Beggar Man Thief


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