Toilets full of Toiles

It’s great finding new dining places, and even better when the attention to detail extends to the lavatory. Dined at Brix this week and had an lovely evening, great food, service and interior but stand out was definitely the intriguing wallpaper in the bathrooms.

After a little research on the interweb, found the Glaswegian Design Studio Timorous Beasties, responsible for this great wallpaper scape. You initially look at it and see rich burgundy tones and think ‘arrrgh isn’t that pretty and so 1800’s Frenchy’, but upon closer examination you see urban scenes of kids on lowriders, people drinking and dancing, a gun being held over someone and overall visually shocking imagery.

Timorous Beasties are a design studio based in Glasgow, made up of Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons who met in the 90’s after studying Textile Design together at Glasgow School of Art.

When I have a free wall in my house to cover with something visually exciting, I will be choosing this London Toile wallpaper, in green, for me thanks.











Mrs Mister

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