Audrey, Audrey, Audrey…

Rewatched Funny Face lastnight, the 1957 classic starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. This academy award nominated film is definately as they sing ” Marvellous”…

Filmed on location in NYC and Paris, this gem begins with beautifully designed credits styled the way only 50’s film could and then pans to stunning colour blocked frames.
In the first scene we meet the fabulous ‘Maggie Prescott’, the Editor of Quality magazine. In these beginnings scenes you see where the influence comes from for more recent fashion films like Devil wears Prada and the documentary, September Issue.
Maggie Prescott has the vision and goes by the mantra, “If it comes into your home, it must contribute.”

Fred Astaire plays Dick Avery, man about town and head fashion photographer for Quality magazine.
The film premise is as followed…

Dick decides they need to find a “Bohemian” book store in Greenwich Village and photographer, Editor and assistants cab it to the bookshop that Jo Stockton (Audrey) just happens to be working at. No permit planning requested or needed, they start shooting the next fashion shoot in the book shop.

Some bursting into song and dance later and they arrive in Paris.

To cut a long post short,  you can all imagine what happens next, and if you can’t imagine then I really would recommend a viewing of this special film. The way its been shot is beautiful and some scenes are so ahead of its time. Also, they showcases some stunning threads by Givenchy.

Some of my favorite scenes.

Mrs Mister



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