Neneh, Neneh, Neneh!

The good news making the rounds on the interwebs is Neneh Cherry is set to release a new album. Not only that but she’s teamed up with Four Tet to smash out her first solo album in 16 years. Has it really been that long? Anyway, the album was reportedly recorded in a five day period and features London group Rocketnumbernine who are also signed to Four Tet’s Text Imprint label. Add Stockholm native Robyn guesting on the cut and you have a decent idea of the direction this album may be heading.

It all sounds like a pretty grand combo to me. In the meantime have a listen to her most recent collaboration with Africa Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers fame, titled ‘Nina’ which also happens to be produced by Four Tet. You can find it here

or watch the video below and wrap yourself in all that funk goodness.

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