Orphan Toys

When I was a kid my whole world was about toys. I would spend hours with my collection which, between my brother and I, was pretty extensive. We had more than we could count and we revelled in the envy of our school friends.
Action Man, Mask, GI Joe figures, Transformers (all the way up to the Dino-bot addition) Star Wars, He-Man…we even went through a Micro Machine faze. Every possible moment was spent creating fantastical scenarios for our toys.
Luckily for us our Grandparents lived in Brooklyn, New York and the first thing I wanted to do once we touched down at JFK airport was pay a visit to my good friend Toys R Us. This was back before major corporations bought up most of America and deposited duplicate stores right across the planet. In those days a trip to Toys R Us was the be all and end all of toy shopping and I squeezed it for all it was worth.
Now before we go any further I never considered myself a collector. I never kept my toys in their original box or tucked them away for display on a trophy shelf. No sir ree bob! My toys were subjected to the full might of an 8 year olds imagination. They were buried in the sand, submerged in the bath, and quite often Snake Eyes would have a parachute strapped to his back and piffed out the top floor window. All in the name of adventure.
I wasn’t a collector and I don’t think I was spoilt, well maybe a little, but I treated my toys pretty well and they bought me a great deal of joy. Simply put I just had to have toys.
Nowadays when I walk through toy stores I still get that urge to buy up some toys and fool around with them and put them through their pace. I don’t. That would just be weird. But there’s something about the toys you have as a kid. They stir distant memories in the same way that music or a familiar smell triggers fond recollections of a night out or a trip away with friends. For me certain toys are the same catalyst for recollecting the happy times I spent as a kid.
So anyway let’s get to the cusp of this page. What’s with all the pictures of lost toys? Well, over the years I have spent traveling around this fine and fanciful planet of ours I began to notice more and more, good quality toys in the streets or put out with the rubbish. Discarded or lost toys long forgotten by their owners. Did they stop loving them? Do they miss their lost toys? How was it that these toys came to be where they are now?
These questions kept popping into my head and I just couldn’t shake the feeling that this was occurring more and more.
I would have to say that so far Geneva has by far the highest number of discarded or lost toys. Maybe toys are cheap there… who knows. All I know is that I too have lost most of the toys I had as a kid and for the life of me I have no idea where they are. They just disappeared. As I grew older and played with them less they were all piled into a box a put in the cupboard. Somewhere along the line my parents must have cleaned them out and either sent them to the Salvation Army or worse. The bin, the big ‘toy’ pie in the sky. That, my friends, is what makes me really sad. That I too forgot about my toys like so many others and allowed them to be subjected to the worse thing a toy could ever be subjected too…neglect.
So here is my penance. A tribute, if you will, to the toys long forgotten by their owners.
The photographs were taken from all over the world. Some are good some are bad and most are taken with a crappy camera phone but please come back and visit us again as the pics will continue to grow.
Enjoy the journey.

More roadkill then an actual ‘toy’ toy but lost none the less

Road Kill

Stay tuned for more…
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