Rainy days and Mondays always bring me down.

Rainey Days in Mellie B, this is the perfect “rain shield”.
I came across this gem recently and it took me back to my childhood.

I recall getting dropped off at primary school on an angled rain day wearing a raincoat over my school uniform. Running into the quadrangle, getting to class and hanging my ever protecting rain coat on the allocated peg outside.
Why don’t we wear rain coats anymore….yes its plastic and may get a bit steamy and have a fetish bent but they are really functional.
Guess it was only the Nanna’s with the purple rinses keeping the raincoats alive ’till the smart kids at Burberry Prorsum launched these his and hers transparent delights for AW11.










It’s truly perfect. These won’t obstruct our jackets or coats, it would go over the top. You have the warmth from your jacket and protection of the raincoat.
Get it here.
Mrs Mister.
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Metronomy – A well dressed band.

Here’s a neat video from Metronomy for their new song ‘The Bay‘ taken from their lastest release The English Riviera.
The video, which features the four rather well dressed band members in all their glory, is actually filmed in Torquay, Devon in the United Kingdom of all places. You’d never have guessed it as the video looks like its been shot against the backdrop of a Mediterranean coastal town in the 60’s. Overall its beautifully styled with ample close ups of shoes and the like. Tick.

I got hold of Metronomy’s third album offering last week and must say I have taken quite the liking to it. A good balance of indie pop with dashings of electronica, the band taps into a naturally head bobbing vibe throughout.
If you want it get it here.
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Jump Around

Pack it up, pack it in…

Let me begin,

I came to win battle me that’s a sin

I won’t tear the sack up

Punk you’d better back up

Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up

Get up, stand up, come on!
Come on, throw your hands up
If you’ve got the feeling jump across the ceiling

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Graham Percy in the house.

On our little soiree through the great land of New Zealand we came across a neat little exhibtion of works by Graham Percy titled, The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham Percy. Who is Graham Percy you may ask? Well, allow me to enlighten you. Graham Percy was a New Zeland born Graphic Designer slash illustrator slash typographer who over the years became a freelance artist specializing in children’s book illustrations.
He was based in London for most of his life but his New Zealand roots really shine through in the eclectic characters he created for his stories. One of which is a masquaredesqe Kiwi in the vein of The Three Musketeers. (Pictured below)
Highly recommend anyone checking out this exhibition if it comes your way. As an artist who illustrated and wrote over 100 books during his illustrious (sorry) career, Percy’s works are endearing and inspirational and capture the essence of a great designer and artist.


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The Man who saved Hip Hop.

Okay so maybe Hip Hop doesn’t really need saving but this guy encompasses everything it should be.
Great beat, melody and rhymes reminiscent of an early Tribe Called Quest. I can’t find much info on this chap but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him so remember the name. Veris. – Slow Down.

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Kia Ora

So, Mr and Mrs Mister have been away exploring the beauty that is the North Island of New Zealand.
We took in bay views, hilly streets, NZ craft beers, Karen Walker, SPQR, The Coramandels, the French Market La Cigale, Cathedral Cove, Lake Taupo, Hot springs and some mind numbing cable TV.
Keeping up with the Kardashians? I was aware of the Kardashians but had never actually sat through an entire episode until one rainy, windy Welllington afternoon. Mr Mister and I found ourselves totally sucked in. 5 episodes and out of red wine we decided enough was enough, but man those sisters?
Talk about making serious money from doing minimal.
New Zealand, we like you and thanks for the fun.
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Eat your Fruit!

Doctors and people who have studied lots say to eat 3 pieces of fruit a day and 4 of vegetables.
Did you know that fruit is easier to digest than grains and the best source of natural sugar needed for energy. Best of all, fruit needs minimal preparation, so munch on it. Although, if your one of those people who has had a personal trainer and has been told your fruit eating hinders your weight loss you may like these Charlotte Olympia shoes instead.  They say steer clear of natures goodness because the fructose not only eats away at your teeth? but when eating fruit it turns into glycerol phosphate.Glycerol phosphate moves into triglycerides via the liver, so to put it plainly, fruit will hinder your results.
I say a big wateves to this. I love fruit and I love these shoes.
If you’re not keen on fruit or my fruity choice in shoes then maybe you’ll like these.
Beggar Man Thief, sellers of rather fine mens shoes, and St Ali, makers of rather splendid coffee, have teamed up to put on a special little pop up store for 4 days only. Its very worthwhile and with no shoes over $100 I would be making a bee line to St Ali’s temporary neighbor and pick up a pear (get it) or two.
Mr Mister got these Clae Strayhorns for a bargain $80!
Fruit Shoes – Matchesfashion.com
Mens Shoes – Beggar Man Thief


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Young Dreams

Okay first up. I love this song. Secondly I love this house!! And third, where the hell are the parents?
Young Dreams are a 12 piece band out of Norway and have just released the video to their self titled track “Young dreams” and from the looks of the video its about just that.
Every kid at some point dreams of doing whatever the hell they want without their parents there to scold them. These siblings get their wish and run amok throughout the family home, sans parents.


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