2011 TED Prize winner – JR

Here is a brilliant video highlighting the works of JR, the 2011 recipient of the TED prize.
Starting with a simple portrait photograph of people he sees on the street, JR takes a team of volunteers and mounts enormous black-and-white reprints of his portraits and spreads them across the facades of buildings in unsuspecting locations across the globe.
His work has taken him to slums around Paris, walls in the Middle East, the roof tops of villages in Africa, and across the favelas of Brazil. These simple and captivating images become a part of the local landscape that transforms the surrounding areas and inspires people to view the world a little differently.
The video is part Inside Out Project a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.
If you want to get involved. Hit the link.


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Yelle – Safari Disco Club

I heard snippets of this glorious slice of pop gold ages ago but couldn’t quite work out who it was.
You can imagine my joyous surprise when I discovered that it was in fact the impressionable pop princess
of France, Yelle.
How did I discover this important snippet of information I hear you ask?
Well I came across this release of the “full length edit” of the video. It basically just makes you like her a whole lot more and has her being chased by Daft Punk in safari suits. ( okay its probably not really Daft Punk but they look like them… sort of.)
As a bit of a bonus the video merges into another single of hers, Que-Veux-Tu and when I say merges I don’t mean in a creepy, R Kelly/Nelly/Kanye West/mid 2000 R&B sort of way.
Anyway check it out. The song is great and the video if pretty cool too.

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Step, Clap, Go! Opening Ceremony & Target

Have a look at this stomping gem of a video produced by Opening Ceremony.

Step, Clap, Go features the Bad News step team wearing some stand out designs from Target’s Go International Designer Collective program.
Celebrating 5 years of bringing new and talented designer fashion to the masses Target have re-issued 34 of their favourite cuts from their Go International collection.
If only we lived in NYC so we could go and check out the Pop up Store.
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Mark Ronson and the Business International

If I had to use one word, “wow” would cover my response to this gig. If I had to use more words I’d say this…
The show initially began much like an entertaining episode of Glee, a little too much emphasis on the performance of it all. Thankfully it quickly built up into something much more akin to a block party in your best mates garage.
What’s that you say? What were the highlights? Well straight off the bat The Bicycle song caused the entire venue to verge slightly towards that side of hysterical and was, according to Mark Ronson, “the best f&8$% reaction to that song we’ve ever had.” But the highlight for me had to be Mark Ronson’s rework of Miike Snows ‘Animal sung by Miike Snow Lead singer Andrew Wyatt. Other guest appearance included the likes of Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet fame and Naeem Juwan from Spank Rock, who seemed slightly un-Spank Rock initially but soon warmed up and got things jumping during a great mid show dj set by Mark Ronson. In fact its probably the dj set after the first quarter of the show that really kicked things into the “hell yeah” stratosphere.
So bottom line is. If you get a chance to see the man live, do it. You will not regret it.
Anyway just to keep things rolling along. Here are two stand out tracks everyone should stick on their playlist.
Toxic – ft – Ol Dirty Bastard & Tiggers
[audio:http://www.mrandmrsmister.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/04-Toxic-ft-Ol-Dirty-Bastard-Tiggers.mp3|titles=Toxic (ft Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Tiggers)]
Animal – Miike Snow (Mark Ronson Remix)
[audio:http://www.mrandmrsmister.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Animal-Mark-Ronson-Remix.mp3|titles=Animal – Mark Ronson Remix]
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Annie Leibovitz at the MCA

When I think of Annie Leibovitz, two iconic images spring to mind. Firstly the photograph of Yoko Ono lying clothed and partially hidden by a naked John Lennon, secondly the amazing image of Demi Moore and her heavily pregnant belly. Both very real and ground breaking in style and composition for their times.
Going to the Annie Leibovitz retrospective at the MCA opened my eyes to a whole other personal side of Annie’s work. In particular, the beautiful family snaps and the sad images of her partner Susan Sontag’s frail body on a stretcher being wheeled from hospital. These are followed up with her more recent foray into large scale landscapes as well as military portraits, moving images of Sarajevo in the 90’s and images of past US Presidents.
Overall, if you are hitting the First State in the next month and want to see this blockbuster I would suggest buying tickets online (the line was monstrous).  Not only is she an incredible artist who does not compromise location or cost of production, but a strong woman who carried her first child at the ripe age of 51.
Definitely worth the trip to Syd-Vegas to check it out!
Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005 is currently showing at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and run until the 27th of March
Tickets available through the MCA website www.mca.com.au
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Orphan Toys – Part Trois

Yet another round of the fun and maybe just a little silly collection of Orphan Toys from around the globe.
1. A mass Toy dump in Highbury, London.
2. A little bit of bunny love in Avenches, Switzerland.
3. Stuffed Owl down. Stoke Newington, London.
Just a quick note all the toys shown here have been photographed as they were found and have not been placed or staged in any way. ’nuff said.
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The Red Chapel Update!

Due to the over-zealous wranglings of ‘by the book’ bureaucracy, screenings of The Red Chapel by Speakeasy Cinema have been moved to the following location and dates.
Speakeasy Cinema at Long Play
318 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North
The 112 Tram goes right there.
Shorts at eight, feature at eight-thirty pm.
Long Play opens at 6pm. They have a licensed bar and serve yummy dinner and bar snacks.
Tickets $15 at the door.
For more info visit www.speakeasycinema.com.au
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KAWS Companion

Following the “art week” theme this week here is a beautifully shot video of Brian Donnelys (A.K.A KAWS) return to The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum last month.
KAWS is an New York based artist/designer of all things wonderful who’s most recent collaborations have been with Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons.
The second video is of his first installation at The Aldrich which showcases more of his print and toy designs as well as his amazing sculpture work. Enjoy!

Want more? Go here.

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