The Red Chapel. Screening at The Speakeasy Cinema

The fine folk at Speakeasy Cinema are putting on a screening of The Red Chapel this week at their temporary home at 93 Johnston St Collingwood.
The Red Chapel, directed by Mads Brugger took out the World Cinema Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It documents the comedic visit of Brügger and two Danish comics both born in Korea on a trip to North Korea, where they have been allowed access under the pretext of wanting to perform a vaudeville act.
To purchase tickets for screenings on the 17th, 19th, 22nd and 24th of February  click here or for more info visit
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Roa’s Bird on Hanbury St

It’s art week here at Mr and Mrs Mister so to kick off a week of all things art here is a short video of Roa’s recent visit to London.
Roa is a street artist out of Belgium who paid a visit to Brick Lane in Shoreditch to paint one of his mammoth murals across the walls of a vacant lot on Hanbury St.
The street commentary of the locals provide an interesting insight into how the murals are viewed and how they impact its surroundings.

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Donovan Deez

Mrs Mister would kill me me if she knew I got a post in about her beloved Darwin Deez before she did but she’s fast asleep and unable to do anything about it so whatevs…
Anyway we’ll probably fight about it tomorrow morning and if we do our fight will look a lot like the start of this video.
Contemporary dance fighting is rad!

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Good Will Deer Hunting.

Mr and Mrs Mister went and saw Deerhunter last night. Whilst the crowd seemed restrained in their enthusiasm towards the band Deerhunter were in fact a great band to watch. Each song seamlessly intertwined with each other to create a show of literally epic proportions. I think the music kept going for another 5 minutes after they left the stage at the conclusion of the gig.
Anyway. Last night got me talking to a friend about Diplo’s remix of Helicopter which I think is a brilliant reinterpretation of the original.

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I got summer on my mind

jj are Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander and they certainly live up to the old adage “them Swedes sure know how to make a catchy tune”.
“Still” which uses the main loop of Still D.R.E by Dr DRE is taken from their “Kills” mixtape, released December 2010.
The Kills mixtape is a pop laden sampling of the likes of MIA, Notorious B.I.G, and other various entities of the hip hip world but doesn’t do much to represent Elins amazing voice and utilises auto-tune far too much.
Try and get hold of their first album ‘jj n° 2’. Which is nothing like the mixtape.
Looking forward to them touring the globe soon. They seem like a fun arty bunch.
The video below is for their latest release. Love the song. Not sure about the video.
Listen to ‘Still’ here  jj – still (sorry no video )
Watch the video to ‘Lets Go’ here

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4D Wall Projections

Around 2006 I came across a video on you tube of a building which was brought to life through 3d projections. I was blown away by the realism of the animation and the fantastical way in which the building took on a completely new dimension. Another world was being created beneath the crumbling exterior of a previously uninspiring building before my very eyes.
Slowly but surely major brands have utilised this technology to launch new stores or products and some, in the case of Cornetto in Turkey, have used it quite brilliantly to create a connection between the brand and the consumer on a deeply personal level by allowing them to interact with the wall projections via their mobile phones.
There are quite a large number of video around that demonstrate this. I’ve selected a few I think utilise this technology to its fullest potential. These particular projections create an overall experience for the viewer while allowing them to interact with their brand on an more emotional level.

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Orphan Toys – Part Deux

Good day chaps and chappettes. Here is another selection of toys from around the globe that have lost their way or strayed from their owner.
These shots are were taken in London and Geneva ( Barbie ). The barbie doll we found looked like it had been thrown from an apartment window and was probably the size of a small child. Slightly creepy.
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